Busing at AHSTW

As a new quarter gets underway, we always take time to reflect upon the past quarter to determine what’s going well and what needs improvement.
When looking at our student referral data, we notice that the biggest area of concern regarding student discipline is on the bus.  For the next few weeks, administration and staff will be making concerted efforts to address bus behavior.  They will be watching tapes at random, even when issues have not been reported, and placing temporary monitors on various routes.  We will also be reminding students that there will be consequences for poor choices on the bus, which could include removal from the bus.  In those situations, it would be the parent’s responsibility to transport the child(ren) to school.  We would very much appreciate your support in reinforcing with your child(ren) the importance of good choices on the bus.  Even above academics, the safety of your child(ren) is our number one priority.  We thank you for your help and support in this matter.

Also, we are seeking to hire bus drivers and substitute drivers.  If interested, please contact Josh Peterson, AHSTW’s Transportation Director.